We face many issues in New York City. City finances have been mishandled and today we see city services suffering as a result. But by
educating ourselves and becoming pro-active, we can bring back common sense policies to improve all New Yorkers’ lives.

The goal of FIXNYC.org is to:

  1. Help educate residents and policy makers on the real causes of the problems and what
    solutions exist.
  2. Become a resource for people looking to find serious studies and academic opinions.
  3. Become a public square for thoughtful dialogue.

Today the issues that face are many, ranging from mismanaging the city budget, not properly planning for the future, services being provided inefficiently and an education system not living up to the demands that society must meet. It will require us to look beyond sound bite politics and bumper sticker policies.

FIXNYC.org hopes you will visit often and contribute thoughtful comments. The site is also social media friendly, so if you would like to share an article of study on this site, merely click the Facebook or twitter link below the article.
Our only request is that you stay engage. Only then can productive change happen.