Johnny Colon, Jr., Bronx native, hosts Master Craftsman

Bronx Construction Worker/Actor becomes face of Online Reality Show

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58506By day Bronx native Johnny Colon, Jr. works on plumbing, carpentry and electrical problems in an upper west side high-rise, but on his off hours he started taking acting lesson. His acting lessons and his knowledge of construction turned out to be a winning combination to hosting a reality show about construction. The online reality show, Master Craftsmen, features craftsmen who use their skills and specialized knowledge to build today’s modern infrastructure.

Master Craftsmen hopes to inspire more qualified workers to enter the profession which has seem high demand in recent years. The show is also designed to reestablish the skilled trades as an opportunity to move up the income ladder and comes at a time when skills are responsible for the growing disparity in income.

“It is a real honor to be part of this show,” said Colon. “I get to do something I love while promoting an opportunity that can change a person’s life. I know firsthand how having skills can provide a secure career. If I can use my acting skills to help others get into the construction trades and make a decent living, I’ll be happy.”

Colon has already shot two episodes for the reality series. The recent episode features Island Elevator installing an elevator in a commercial building in Great Neck, NY. It highlights a variety of trades, from steelworkers to electricians. An earlier episode featured MSJ Steel erecting a multi-story commercial building.

“Each episode focuses on the trades associated with the job at hand. When people watch the show, they realize how much knowledge and skill go into many of the things we take for granted every day. After our latest episode, you may never look at elevators the same way,” Colon said.

Master Craftsmen has its own YouTube channel called Master Craftsmen. The latest episode can be viewed at:

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