City Blows opportunity – now rations toilet paper

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Sadly the NY Post called it correctly. Our elected officials failed to make the real hard choices needed to reign in spending and now, as if in a bad sitcom, it is rationing toilet paper at public bathrooms just in time for the summer holiday season.

This excerpt says it all:

Bloomberg just concluded another business-as-usual municipal budget: He got a fat spending hike; the City Council got its member-item swag; the unions got their usual cut — and Coney Island boardwalk strollers got no toilet paper.

Priorities, don’t you know?

Meanwhile, up in Albany, Gov. Cuomo had priorities of his own.

Demanding a change of behavior from all concerned in Albany, he brokered a no-new-taxes-budget deal with a real spending cut, the first cap on property taxes in state history and a three-year wage freeze from the state’s biggest public-employee union.


Doesn’t the City Council and Mayor feel any shame? Are NYers going to be left holding the bill on the run away spending that these officials were incapable of addressing? Better yet, why do we continue to elect them?

Next time you look over at that roll of toilet paper at home, be grateful. If things get any worse, they may target that roll next.

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