Minimum Wage Battle Spooks Job Creators

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New York Democrats are threatening to stifle the dismal pace of job creation in New York State with a 17% hike in our minimum wage.

The NY Post reports:

Albany Democrats are determined to push through a 17 percent hike in New York state’s minimum wage, despite repeated warnings that it would hurt the economy — especially small-business owners.

Coincidentally, both The Post and The New York Times ran stories yesterday in which several local owners said any hike might well put their businesses in jeopardy.

Even the one restaurant owner who supported the hike conceded that it would raise her costs significantly and force her either to raise prices or lay off workers.

There’s one thing they all agreed on, though — raising the minimum wage will cost jobs, not create them.

It is worth reading the entire article as the interviews with those who create the jobs stress the damage this will do.

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