At a distribution of free PPE to indigenous people of the DC metro area, a Masks For America volunteer gives Nurses Station Hand Sanitizer to a community member. Photograph: Sebi Medina-Tayac

NY Metro Company and Not-for-Profit Team up to Aide Hurricane Victims

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Storm/Virus Doubles Risk to Victims

Many victims of Hurricane Laura lost access to clean water and electricity, exacerbating the challenge of keeping Covid-19 at bay. A New York-based manufacturer of hand sanitizer called Nurses Station has teamed up with Masks For America, a not-for-profit, to provide hand sanitizer to devastated areas.

“Fighting Covid-19 is hard enough, but when victims of the hurricane lose access to clean water, sanitizing your hands couldn’t be more important for everyone in shelters, or family members forced to share homes. We wanted to help,” said Nurses Station partner, Noam Harary, from his apartment on the Upper West Side.  “So when Masks For America reached out to us, of course we said yes.”

A shipment of 2,160 bottles left Friday and is due to arrive Tuesday to Houston, Texas, at a Masks For America distribution center. From there bottles of sanitizer will be delivered to the most devastated areas.

This isn’t the first time that Nurses Station and Masks For America have teamed up. In July they joined forces to deliver hand sanitizer to BLM protesters in Washington DC, New York City, Nashville, Albuquerque, Houston and Puerto Rico 

“Nurses Station has been a valued partner in Masks For America’s tireless fight to ensure frontline workers and communities have essential PPE in times of crisis. From racial justice protests to hurricane relief shelters, their team has provided us with high quality hand sanitizer every time we need it,” said Bob Bland, Co-Founder of Masks For America.  

 “I hope that our effort saves lives,” Harary said. “That’s why we got into this business after all”

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