Real Democrat not on Democratic Line In NYS Assembly District 69

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Here’s the resume of one candidate running for Assemblywoman in Harlem:

  • Owns millions of dollars-worth of buildings in Harlem
  • Racked up more than $265,000 in unpaid code violations, property taxes and water bills on four decrepit apartment buildings she co-owns
  • On the hook for nearly 200 infractions over dangerous and disgusting conditions that include missing smoke detectors, broken wooden flooring, faulty electrical outlets, peeling paint and mold.
  • Owed nearly $40,000 in property taxes on three of the buildings. That’s after recently making an 11th-hour payment to keep the properties from being sold to pay off liens slapped on them by the city.
  • Entered into a payment plan to satisfy more than $115,000 in outstanding water and sewer bills for 187 Lenox Ave., an eyesore on a block of immaculate, recently renovated brownstones.
  • Voted for the development-friendly river-to-river 125th Street rezoning
  • Supported Columbia University’s controversial Manhattanville expansion that allowed Columbia to exercise eminent domain over a number of coveted properties.

You will be forgiven is you thought this was a Republican candidate. It may just be a Republican dressed as a Democrat, because she is no democrat.  In this race the real Democrat doesn’t have the democratic line. His name is Craig Schley and is the only one with a history of fighting for true Harlem residents.

Harlem has suffered the downside of gentrification. Local residents who called it home find themselves priced out of the only homes they’ve ever known. Local black-owned shops are being replaced by a Walgreens or Citibank.

It’s time to shed labels and vote for who has actually fought to protect residents against the very likes of Inez Dickens.

Here is a resume to vote for and it belongs to Craig Schley.

  • Defended 71 small businesses in Harlem facing evictions. He sided with black-owned local businesses facing extinction due to gentrification. He created a legal team and raised funds for a lawsuit against the NYC Planning Department and the entire NYC council.
  • Uncovered 110 year old law within New York City charter help protect small local business owners opposing rezoning proposals and forced the council to approve plans with a 75% majority versus simple 51%
  • As West 123rd St Residents Association Block President, he organized residential communities to engage local politicians to improve the environment and conducted neighborhood events to promote social relations, health clinics and town hall meetings.
  • As Harlem education program board member he raised funds and tutored children seeking advanced knowledge and those with academic challenges.

To vote for the real Democrat voters must NOT blindly vote the Democrat line on November 3rd. They must scan down the ballot until they see Craig Schley for Assembly. It’s important. This Election Day, vote Craig Schley.

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