Ripoff Artist Rips Off Single Mom

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Imagine you’re a single mother of twins and one is severely disabled. Most of us would agree that that single mother has enough challenges in her life. But unfortunately one contractor called Art, from Ye Old World Contracting along with his brother Anthony from Primma Electric, Inc in Islip Terrace, didn’t agree her challenges were great enough. They decided to steal $28,000 from her.

The mother in question is Ellen Wolpin. In less than a 30 day period, Art from Ye Old World Contract and Anthony Parinello from Primma Electric, Inc managed to nearly destroy Ellen’s life. On February 26th 2017 Art came to her Upper West Side apartment to discuss renovating the kitchen, her fireplace and a series of light fixtures. The next day Ellen gave him a check for $2,500 as a deposit. On March 3rd Art came and signed a contract and took an additional $25,000. Art then sent his insurance information to the building’s management company to get approval to begin work on March 17th.

On March 17th when he begins working the management company discovers his insurance is not adequate. Art is limited to performing only a small fraction of the work that his insurance entitles him to do. He and his brother then try to tell her building’s management company that Art is Anthony’s employee and covered under Primma Electric’s insurance.  The management quickly realizes that Art and Anthony are trying to scam Ellen and that Art is not covered to perform the work he contracted to do.

By March 19th, only two days later, Art disappears for good leaving Ellen’s apartment a mess and her bank account $28,000 less.  Both Art and Anthony have refused to refund her money, only offering a small portion of what she paid them.


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